Three Tips for Making Kid’s Parties Fun for Everyone

Remember when my good blog pal Jenni asked us to guest post on A Well Crafted Party?  Well, we're linking up our superpowers again + she's returning the favor!!  This gal is the queen of everything parties + I LOVE perusing her archives for brilliant how-to's for throwing the best get-together's. Today she's tackling those tricky kid parties + thank goodness! I've got a little guy turning 2 next month {ahhhhh}! Take it away Jenni…


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Before having my kiddo I was all about throwing huge, elaborate events and gatherings for me and my friends. I'm just a girl who likes to party. That's all. But, after having my child I quickly learned that I couldn't continue to throw events the way I used to and that in order for EVERYONE involved to have a good time, I needed to make some changes in the way I went about planning a party. While most of my parties nowadays are centered around toddlers and adults, I do have some friends with kids of a variety of ages and have to try to make parties fun for all involved. These three tips for making kid's parties fun for everyone will help with your next birthday or holiday party.

Three Tips for Making Kid's Parties Fun for Everyone

There is no magic answer out there for making everyone happy at every event. Honestly, I wouldn't even know if it was a party if EVERYTHING went to plan. But, keeping the following three tips in mind you can possibly avoid some major meltdowns and have a successful event.


Well Crafted Halloween

After about an hour of fussiness our little guy was tuckered out and slept through our first
Halloween party as parents. His sleeping schedule would soon dictate all future party plans. 

{Our Costumes & Cocktails Halloween Party 2011}



1. Pick your party time wisely

Whether it is a room full of toddlers or an event filled with adults… the party timing is one of the most important factors. When a lot of little ones are involved it is important to pick times around nap-time as much as possible. Try to keep in mind your friend's works schedules when planning a party as well. Not a lot of parents want to go out late on a week night when they have to get up early for work or for the kids. Remember meal times when planning a party and make sure you have adequate food for the time of day you are having the party. In other words, if you are having a party at normal dinner time hours and are only serving cake, you might have several people leaving early to grab a bite to eat.



It is important to make sure that everyone at the party has something to eat. Photo by Motormouth Studios
{My son’s first birthday, a “You are my Sunshine” party}



2. Have food and beverage choices that everyone can enjoy

Try to make the food as accessible to everyone as possible. Consider the ages of people in attendance and allergy considerations. While you don't need to make every item vegetarian if a portion of your guests are vegetarian, it will make everyone enjoy themselves much more if you have a few items that everyone in attendance can enjoy. At my son's first birthday party we served sandwiches, fruit, and veggies. I made simpler sandwiches as well as some more elaborate (sophisticated palette) style sandwiches. We also served small toddler friendly food options in trays for the youngest of our guests. I also usually have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options at my events, separating the adult beverages away from those that the children can reach. Though, I would caution having alcohol at kid's parties if other parents are uncomfortable or if adults (besides you) are not present. As always, drink responsibly.



Keep the party activities age appropriate and not too involved to save everyone a little stress.
{My son’s second birthday party, a town-themed “Welcome to Twosville” event}



3. Have activities— but, not too many

Kid's party activities can help give structure to a party and keep kids from just running wild and parents from having to chase said kids. However, too many scheduled activities can cause stress and will not hold most kids' attention. At our son's second birthday party we chose to have a couple of small activities (cardboard houses to play in, a coloring sheet, and temporary tattoos) and let the kids play with toys throughout the party. Older kids may benefit from having one structured activity (such as bowling, mini golf, or a movie) instead of lots of little ones.



Thanks so much to Ting for letting me share these tips with you here in her little corner of the blogosphere. If you'd like to check out more party tips, as well as fashion, food, and more, then head on over to my blog, A Well Crafted Party.  Have entertaining questions, don't want to miss out on any updates, or just want to get in touch? Connect with me through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest





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