Happy Valentine’s Day

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! This is the one of the best holidays because you get to celebrate LOVE with the ones you love.  I double like this day because it is my anniversary!  I'm almost 100% certain my love chose to get married on this day so he would NEVER forget our anniversary, but he did get BIG time brownie points for saving the date on one of my favorite days.  




Valentine's is a commercial + consumer dream, if you loooooove hearts + candy + love songs + poems like me.  This day takes weeks of planning + preparing, a perfect mix of shopping + crafting, coming up with the most magical event to celebrate love. 





Valentine's day has been a special day for me for as long as I can remember.  In elementary school I remember buying Hello Kitty valentines + preparing them for all my friends.  In middle school there was picking out the perfect dress + dancing all afternoon with my crush to SWV at the school Valentines dance.  Then in high school, getting roses for the 1st time from a boy + a heart shaped box of chocolates.  College brought parties to celebrate "F Valentine's Day"!  Then getting married on Valentine's day and now being a mom + being a part of the whole circle of Valentine's day all over again.  






As a mom, I love cutting carrots in heart shapes, making sandwiches into hearts + surprisng the boys with chocolates in their lunch boxes.  We put stickers by their door when they wake up + decorate the home with hearts, pink, balloons, red, love + just celebrating love love love love.  Do I need to say more?  I'm certain you understand I. LOVE. Valentine's day.  Today, tell + show your love + spend the day appreciating the love in your life, whether it's your boyfriend, parents, siblings, children, husband, crush, best girlfriends or even your co workers.  






Photos by SUE


BLOUSE – Naven, similar here

SKINNY PANTS –  Forever 21, similar here

SUNNIES – HOME in Encinitas

HEELS – Zara, similar here 



Meet the Parents



At some point in your life you will be meeting "the" parents.  If so, this is the perfect outfit to make a good first impression.  It's clean with a classic cut + pattern.  The pop of bold blue implies joy + happiness.  {click here to check out my post on 20 ways to make a good 1st impression} AND for those of you who have already met "the" parents… this outfit is perfect for meeting other parents, parent teacher conferences, at the office or even a more conservative night or afternoon out.  Have a wonderful day!






Photos by SUE
DRESS – Anthroplogie
PURSE + SUNNIES – HOME in Encinitas
HEELS – Zara, similar here


20 ways I like to show LOVE

LOVE is not about how many times you say I love you…

but how much you prove that is true



1 hold hands

2 dance

3 kiss, better yet french kiss

4 write a love poem {like roses are red, violets are blue…}

5 share a chocolate bar together

6 create a mixed tape {or a playlist}

7 sing out loud their favorite song

8 make them chocolate chip cookies

9 make a goofy face

10 tell them about the food on their face when they don’t notice

11 bring them flowers

12 make them a card

13 read to them their favorite book

14 buy them a tee shirt

15 text them an emoji story

16 smile at them

17 make them a bracelet

18 share a joke

19 cook them a yummy meal

20 bring them a latte





Pitaya Bowl



You have all heard of acai bowls, but have you heard of pitaya bowls??? Well, pitaya is dragonfruit… a SUPER food that YOU should totally know about because it's packed full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, omega 3s + is low in sugar.  This means it's GOOD for you.  AND it's super yummy delicious, my kids, hubby + I all LOVE it.  Here is how I make my pitaya bowl… P.S. my kids call it ice cream! I mean seriously, who wouldn't want "ice cream" for breakfast




Frozen pitaya package {find this at your local Whole Foods store in the freezer section}

organic apple juice 


sliced banana

sliced strawberries

coconut flakes

your favorite granola





… place pitaya + apple juice in blender for 20 seconds, pour into a bowl then top with your toppings






happy February


 ❤ shortest month of the year

❤ named after the ancient Roman purification ritual 'Februa'

❤ only month that doesn't have 30 days

❤ Valentine's Day {14th}

 Super Bowl {1st Sunday}

 ❤ President's Day {3rd Monday}

 ❤ Groundhog Day {2nd}

 ❤ World Marriage Day {Second Sunday}

❤ Black History Month

 ❤ National Wear Red Day {26th}

❤ Birthstone is Amethyst

 ❤ the only month that can pass without a full moon

{last occured 1999, next happens 2018}



cold winds,

biting chills, and

white snow fluffed hills

Valentines day, oh how gay!

presidents' day is coming our way.

February, sweet and small, greatest month of all


Eric Lies – 28 Word Poem for February





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